Fun Math Construction Set

Star Structure will be at the UHEA convention

Star Structure Toys LLC  is happy and excited to be an exhibitor at the Utah Home Educator’s Association Convention on June 14-15.  Home school parents love using Star Structure as part of their home school curriculum. The kids spend hours figuring out new ways to use it.

Our kids grew up building with Star Structure. There are several mathematical and engineering concepts that come quite easily to them because they spent all that time “playing” with Star Structure. They have never outgrown Star Structure either. The adults still like to get it out and try new ideas.

Star Structure, along with the book, Geometry for Every Kid, is approved curriculum for Harmony Ed students. If your child is participating in one of Harmony Ed’s programs please take time to visit our booth at the UHEA convention so you can see firsthand how Star Structure can benefit your child’s education. We look forward to seeing you there!