Fun Math Construction Set


For those of you who already own STAR STRUCTURE some of these answers will seem pretty simple. Just as a refresher we will cover some of the basics. Of course most of this is covered in the book that comes with each set of STAR STRUCTURE.

star-37Looking at the picture you can see that the star has 12 prongs each pointing in equal angles from each of the prongs next to it. This is based on Buckminster Fuller’s vector equilibrium.  And of course this makes for some really fun things to do. While your looking at the star you can see that there are 6 prongs pointing out from the center on a flat plane and 3 pointing up with 3 pointing down. For fun, now look at the star a little differently and you can see that if you rotate the it you will soon have 4 prongs pointing outward on a flat plane and 4 pointing up with 4 pointing down.

One other really awesome thing about these stars is that they are made of very tough, flexible vinyl which allows you a fairly infinite number of ways to build on this amazing little design.

The stars themselves, if they were encased in a sphere, would be about 1-3/4 inches in diameter which should give you a pretty good idea of their size. Luckily, this makes them too large to be a choking hazard.


Now if you were to add a tube and another star you would have a simple structure about 12-1/2 inches long. The tubes are 10 inches long and they are made of a strong, flexible plastic which lasts practically forever.

The combination of these two components (Star and Tube) will allow for any number of construction activities along with a lifetime of new ideas and things to build.

There are times when a customer will ask if we provide the tubes in shorter or even a variety of  lengths. Perhaps in the future, but the good news is that the tubes provided may be easily cut to the length necessary. Now if you are a youth reading this and have the need to cut your tubes to different lengths then you should have an adult help you.

Don’t hesitate to pick up your package of STAR STRUCTURE and start building your imagination.

One more confession to make here is that our customers always wish they had bought more in the first place because it seems that the imagination is much larger than they thought.

Happy building with STAR STRUCTURE